Haratoğlu Pen, was established to produce plastic construction materials. Innovative, constantly improving, researcher, innovative, flexible and fast; Has a well-trained, well-equipped, talented, participatory and motivated employees with high-quality decisions, constantly developing with competitive decisions, sustaining their support after selling them by giving importance to customer expectations and satisfaction after sales, A high world is moving towards becoming a "BRAND".



We are producing with the latest technology.

Profiles used in window manufacturing must be durable and durable in the most difficult outdoor conditions. Our quality control laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and devices that can monitor and control all processes from input control to dispatch. The quality of our professions produced in these laboratories is constantly monitored and our products emerging as a result of our AR-GE activities are tested for conformity with national and international standards.

We deliver the orders we receive on time.

Having adopted the principle of being a leader in its field at all times, Haratoğlu Pen benefits from the highest level of technology to catch perfection in its produced profiles and is taken as an example in this sector. He makes special efforts to deliver the orders he has received on time.

We offer the best price for the desired features.

Haratoğlu Pen has different alternative profile options to meet the needs and likes of every consumer. We provide full support to our sales points with our specialist customer service department.

PRODUCTION Segment Breakdown

PVC Profile Production 85%

Double Glass Production 65%

Ready Window Manufacturing 68%

PVC Accessories 25%


Our customers can report problems by calling 24/7 Technical Support or e-mailing them, providing immediate intervention or getting information and support on all technical issues.

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